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The Virginia Natural History Society (VNHS) was formed in 1992 to bring together persons interested in the natural history of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The VNHS defines natural history in a broad sense, from the study of plants, animals, and other organisms to the geology and ecology of the state, to the natural history of the native people who inhabit it. The goals of the VNHS are to promote research on the natural history of Virginia, educate the citizens of the Commonwealth on natural history topics, and to encourage the conservation of natural resources.

Dissemination of natural history information occurs through publication of the journal Banisteria, named for John Banister (1650-1692) who was the first university-trained naturalist to work in Virginia. The first issue was published in 1992, and the journal is published twice per year in spring and fall. Articles cover a wide array of subjects, and members of VNHS are encouraged to submit manuscripts on any aspect of natural history in Virginia; book reviews and biographies of relevance to natural history in Virginia are also welcomed. Manuscripts are peer-reviewed for suitability and edited for inclusion in the journal. You can browse the Table of Contents for published volumes of Banisteria by clicking here. (For publishing guidelines, click here. )

"Vespa Ichneumon" from "John Banister and his Natural History of Virginia 1678-1692," Joseph and Nesta Ewan (1970, University of Illinois Press).

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